Agency Partnerships

If your agency has expanded its client services by providing market planning and market research expertise, you already know the value of that investment. You understand how it has transformed your agency from a basic advertising or marketing communications firm into a true marketing agency, providing insight beyond advertising to support even the toughest marketing decisions.

The Avant Marketing Group can complement and enhance your agency's core service offering.

Avant improves the performance and accountability of marketing programs by assisting both agencies and clients in the following areas:

  • Quantitative and Qualitative market research studies
  • New product/New market evaluations
  • Competitive positioning and mapping
  • Brand positioning
  • Brand platform development
  • Channel management analysis
  • Customer satisfactions studies
  • Dealer/Distribution studies
  • End-use market analysis
  • Pricing analysis
  • Advertising and communications
    analysis & testing

As a subcontractor, Avant can make your agency a strong participant in all strategic marketing and business decisions, not just marketing communications. Avant can build your client value as a significant strategic consultant, complement your existing market planning and research offering, and increase your revenue and margin streams.



Adaptive Marketing Framework for Agency Partnerships

The Avant Marketing Group supports agencies in their efforts to create ideas that make emotional connections, to manage interaction of ever-changing dialog, and to provide the intelligence behind real-time insight into customer behavior.