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Brand Development | Market Planning

Brand Development – Living the Brand™

Avant Marketing Group's proprietary brand analysis tools are focused on one basic philosophy - your brand is owned by those that determine its equity – the market.  Marketers need to be customer-centric brand stewards to ensure the brand lives up to the expectations of the market.  After all, customer empowerment is at the heart of everything.  Avant assists marketers with the brand research and analysis needed for successful brand management. 

How it works:
Partnering with clients, Avant conducts research and analysis to gain a thorough understanding of the marketplace, business/communications issues and brand goals.

Based on the insight from the research, Avant develops a strategic brand plan that includes the development and implementation of essential marketing communication strategies such as brand identity and position, product strategies, pricing strategies and channel strategies.

Avant works with our clients' in-house marketing departments and/or advertising agencies to ensure the tactical implementation is completed.

For more on how to establish a strong employee brand affinity with a new brand or updated brand platform and brand values, click here: Living the Brand Training.

The Living the Brand™ process benefits:

  • Crystallizes what is great about your organization.
  • Creates clarity of purpose and common direction.
  • Institutes criteria for business priorities and strategic decisions.
  • Establishes guidelines for the way you sell and promote your image.
  • Connects people to your brand.


Market Planning – the Avant Innovation™ Process

Avant approaches market planning with comprehensive customer-centric market research and analysis. This greatly benefits organizations involved in the development and launch of new products or brands. Such analysis is also often used for those whose products or brands are suffering from market share erosion, or organizations that wish to grow market share.

How it works:
Avant first conducts objective facilitation and ideation sessions with staff and target market participants for concept testing.

Formalized consumer & business-to-business market research is collected to gain a more detailed understanding of target market needs.

After careful analysis and evaluation, Avant presents its product branding & positioning, or re-positioning recommendations.

Avant's planning process yields solutions to how an organization unit can best compete in the markets it elects to serve. A strategic plan is then developed based upon the totality of the marketing process.

To ensure measured success or determine a need for corrective action, Avant completes post-launch market measurement.

The Avant Innovation™ process benefits:

  • Successful new product launches or re-positioning.
  • Discovery of unarticulated customer needs.
  • Development of customer-centric communications planning.
  • Ability to predict initial and sustainable market share, or even cannibalization.
  • Segmentation and prioritization of markets.