Living the Brand Training

So, you have established a new brand platform, or you have decided that it's time to re-energize your current brand with your employees. You recognize that every person in your organization "Is the Brand" and have to live it, but how do you get there?

Through our Living the Brand Training Process, the Avant Marketing Group successfully engages with your employees through a program that establishes a strong affinity with your brand, brand platform and brand values. The workshops have been developed by the Avant Marketing Group to assist in the adaptation of the new brand identity by all employees.

Though overlooked or dismissed by most brand consultants, Avant employs this formal training process, which allows employees to internalize the new brand values. This creates a true sustainable brand affinity that nurtures pride, enthusiasm, and performance throughout the entire organization. By capturing the true spirit and cultural uniqueness of its enterprise, your organization can create a brand and identity that represent its people – providing focus and motivation for a successful future among all employees.

Avant's Living the Brand Training has been successfully employed by companies from 25 employees to 8,000 employees. The training is multi-cultural and has been effective in more than 38 countries.